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  • Why Engage in Obituary Advertising in Newspapers?

    The loss of a loved one is irreplaceable, but the memories attached to them are always dear to us. Most people intend to hold on to those memories and Obituary advertisement in Assam Tribune is an excellent way to commemorate the death of a loved one.

    Obituary Ads ensure that there is a formal record of the death of the deceased persondistant relatives and friends are informed about the incident and at the same time are invited to pay homage in the funeral or obituary ceremony. Releasing Obituary ads in Assam Tribune is a kind of Death Announcement since it acts as a formal intimation a person has passes away. Some readers or relatives or friends even release Death Acknowledgement Ads accepting the death of a person and expressing their condolences and support for the family and friends of the deceased person. 

    There are mainly 2 types of Obituary Ads as listed below:

    Classified Display: These ads are the most common format for Obituary Advertisements. These are display ads with images of the deceased, published in the Classified section of the newspaper. These ads are priced based on the size of the ad in per unit but the width is limited to 3 cm while the length of the ad is flexible beyond 5 cm. You can ad your own ad text, image, edit the footer/header and even the font of the ad along with adding images. Even your own ad design can be uploaded and published in the newspaper of your choice.

    Display: Display Obituary Ads are also quite often opted for by advertisers. Display ads are also charged based on their size or the space occupied by them in a particular page in per sq. cm unit. Also these ads have no restriction on their size and can be published on any page of the newspaper. In case of display ads too images can be used in the ad, ad designs can be uploaded in both coloured and black & white format.

    *If you intend to upload your own ad design, then please ensure that the file/ad design is in .JPEG/.PDF/.TIFF/.EPS format.

    *There is another Obituary Ad Type, which is not too common but is also opted for by low budget advertisers. The Ad type is Classified Text Ad which are basic run-on line adverts and are priced according to the number of words/lines/characters used in the advert, with extra charges for enhancements used such as ticks, colour highlights, borders etc.

    Shri N.Venkataraman(68) (Asst Exe Engineer(Retd) Metrowater) attained sivalokha prapthi on 23-Nov-10 at 2:30 PM . Dasaham on 2nd Dec 2010 at #319 Venkatraman Nagar 6th Main Rd Hasthinapuram Chennai-64.Deeply mourned family members(Wife Rajeswari Venkataraman,daughter and sons V.Saradha,V.Chandrasekhar,V.Vidhyashankar)

    (3.10.1943 to 23.11.2012)

    With profound grief and sorrow we inform the sudden demise of 

    S. Amritbir Singh

    Kapoor (Solan)

    S/O S.Avtar Singh Kapoor

    on 23rd Nov 2012

    Antim Ardas will be held on 1st Dec 2012 Saturday at Gurudwara Saproon Sahib at Solan bypass from 02:00 to 03:00 PM.

    Sri Shyam Sunder Chaturvedi

    Left for his heavenly abode on 9-1-14


    PRAYER MEETING Monday 20-1-2014, 4 pm at  F 22/6 Terapanth Vikas Bhawan, Krishna Nagar, Delhi


    Smt.Prabhavatamma 1917-2014, W/o Late Shri C.Appi Reddy. Reached heavely abode on 7/3/2014 at 6:30 pm peacefully at our residence in B'Hills. Pedda karma: 76, Rd No.14 B'Hills 9/3/2014 at 1 pm.

  • Death Announcement- Make a formal announcement about the loss of a family member or friend with a Death Announcement Ad

    Death Anniversary-Invite close and distant family and friends to pay tribute to your loved ones through Death Anniversary Messages or invitations

    Sad Demise- Express Your Grief for the loss and demise of your Loved Ones through Sad Demise Messages conveying it to the masses

    Remembrances- Pay homage and remember the deceased loved ones on the day they passed away with Remembrance advertisements every year

    In Memoriam-Convey your feelings driven by the memories of your Loved ones through an In Memoriam ad published on any day when you miss someone you lost

    Chautha-Uthamna-Invite friends, family, associates, distant relatives and more to pay their condolences to your loved one with Chautha-Uthamna Ceremony Ads

    Obituary Service- Seek the support of the people close to you following the loss of a loved one at the Funeral by invitations made through Obituary Service Adverts

    Bhog Ceremony- Call upon everyone in the town and community to attend the Bhog Ceremony dedicated to a deceased loved one and pray for the peaceful passage of the soul

    Condolences- Pay tributes to deceased friends, colleagues, associates, family members and empathize with their close family members through Condolence messages

    Kriya- Gather the support of your family and friends by inviting them to the Kriya Ceremony with Obituary ads in your favourite newspaper