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About Obituary Ads

Usually there are 2 types of paid advertisements representing obituaries:

a) Death Notice: This type of an obituary omits most of the biographical details about the deceased & is usually a sort of legal notice to notify the government agencies about the demise of an Indian resident

b) Memorial Advertisements:  Such an obituary is usually composed and published by friends & family to commemorate the death of a loved one.

Obituary ads can be published every year as a remembrance or as a gesture of paying tribute to the deceased loved one.

At ReleaseMyAd, we understand your concerns and requirements. An obituary is one of the most respectable ways to bid farewell to your loved one and serves as a memento to remember them by...

We at ReleaseMyAd help you in this important task and extend our complete support in publishing Obituary Notification Ads across all major Indian Newspapers.

Why Book Obituary Ads in Newspapers?

Newspapers are known for their reach and prevalence. It is also used as a medium of communication between relatives and friends along with public communication.

Newspaper ads can be accessed by any community or individual across the entire country and are available in all regional languages. Newspaper obituaries serve as formal invitations to a funeral, a commemoration to the deceased individual, a memorabilia of the death of a loved one. It becomes a means of informing people residing elsewhere about the death of a family member or friend.

ReleaseMyAd being the simplest online newspaper ad booking service of India provides you with several ways and options to help you publish an Obituary.

We are authorized agents for booking Obituary Ads for all major Indian Newspapers and are accredited by the Indian Newspaper Society (I.N.S.) - the primary governing council for all media publications.

Through ReleaseMyAd you can book classified display & display ads in the category of Obituary Ads, online. Individuals & Advertisers can pay online payment methods like Credit Card/Debit Card, Net Banking (all Indian banks) & also via offline methods including Cash Collection, Demand Drafts & Cheques.

The entire ad booking process comprises of just 3 easy steps: Select the Newspaper, Compose your Ad and Confirm the Dates of your release along with the Payment!

If you have any other specific queries regarding booking ads under this category then please visit our Frequently Asked Questions Obituary section or the ReleaseMyAd Question and Answer Forum.